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Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Healing System

Next running:-  (in-person course available)

Price:- £45

Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki Healing System Connected to Lord Merlin, Lady Portia and Archangel Amethyst

This beautiful Healing system is offered as an attunement suitable for Reiki Master Level 3
Includes a Manual

The Benefits of working with Crystalline Violet Flame Reiki

  • To cleanse your energies from negative cords of attachment.
  • Release you from inner fears within your life
  • Protect your aura
  • Infuse your being with crystalline energy and consciousness to raise of your vibration and achieve greater ascension
  • To create balance
  • Support indigo, crystal, rainbow, and golden vibration children.
  • Amplify the properties of physical crystal stones
  • Cleanse of crystal stones
  • Support to set up crystal grids
  • Healing the earth and humanity
  • Supports the animal and plant kingdom
  • Helps to gain more clarity of your spiritual mission and life purpose.
  • Have a deeper connection to the consciousness of the crystalline kingdom and crystal stones.
  • Supports with manifestation work
  • Cleanse and charge food and drink and so much more.